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How to Clean Your Seat Belts: Two Prime Techniques

While upholstered seats get cleaned, dashes and door panels get scrubbed, and carpets get shampooed and vacuumed, most of us forget (or choose to forget) the seat belt. If you think about it, the lowly seat belt gets in contact with most, if not all, of the same things that get in contact with the other interior parts.

Seat belts are one of the most important parts of your car, those sheets of fabric can keep you and your loved ones safe in case of an accident.

With the belt being in use almost every time you're on a commute, it is no wonder they can get very dirty. Coffee stains, juice spills, snack crumbs, and oil from the skin are just some of the most common elements that can contribute to dirtying your seat belt. In this article, I will discuss how you can clean seat belts without the help of a professional.​

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How to Keep New Car Smell: 5 Ways to Get Bad Smell Out of Car

When you first bought your car, you’ll be pleased by that fragrant smell it has. Forget about even buying a car, simply stepping into a brand new car gives off that pleasant aroma that makes you want to stay longer. We’ve all ridden a fresh-smelling car. We could have experienced this either through our friend’s car or even with a taxi.

But here’s a cool trivia, a car doesn’t have to be brand new to smell fresh and clean. That distinctive car smell is not complicated at all. You can achieve this smell even if your vehicle has been through a lot of miles or if it’s not in its best shape.​

With that said, today I will give you the tips on how to keep new car smell. This will give you the additional knowledge that will help you impress your passengers and even yourself.​

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Why is My Car Window Stuck Down: How to Fix It

Having your car window stuck down can be annoying if you're driving in the cold, the rain, the snow, or at high speed, but the bigger issue comes from the lack of security that arises when you have to leave your vehicle in a busy car park while you head into the store. Your car window may be broken at the moment, but I'm sure you'd rather deal with that than have it stolen, and have no car at all.

The good news is that it's probably an easy fix, and you don't need to have years of mechanical experience to pull it off. Here is a step by step on what you need to do first.

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How to Fix a Car Door Handle in 7 Steps

After 8 years of going everywhere with my car, a sign of aging finally appeared in the form of a broken door handle. The interior door handle of the car which is for the driver’s seat was made of plastic and one day it snapped and left me with a hard to open door.

After looking for ways in the internet on how to fix a car door handle, I’ve finally been able to do it without having to pay for a mechanic. Cars are complex machines, but with an organized and systematic approach, fixing that equipment is as easy as pie.

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